ISMAR 06 --- Fifth IEEE and ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality --- Oct. 22 - 25, 2006 in Santa Barbara, CA

Bus Schedule


Oct 22 2006
8:15amBuses leave the MarMonte
8:35amBuses arrive at UCSB

1:15pmBus leaves UCSB for people in morning Tutorial
1:35pmBus arrives at the MarMonte
1:55pmBus leaves the MarMonte for people in afternoon Tutorial
2:15pmBus arrives at UCSB

6:30pm -
Buses depart Workshop/Tutorial Reception every 30 minutes
Oct 23 2006
7:30amBuses leave the MarMonte
8:00amBuses arrive at UCSB

3:40pmBuses leave UCSB for people wanting a ride to the Beach BBQ, or not attending the Beach BBQ

4:00pm -
Buses depart Beach BBQ every 30 minutes
Oct 24 2006
8:10amBuses leave the MarMonte
8:40amBuses arrive at UCSB

5:00pm -
Buses shuttle between UCSB and the MarMonte every 30 minutes for people wanting to leave the Conference Dinner early, or leave and return

Oct 25 2006
8:10amBuses leave the MarMonte
8:50amBuses arrive at UCSB

5:00pmBuses leave UCSB
5:30pmBuses arrive at the MarMonte